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Introducing an incredible set that includes all available firearms from the famous game Rust.

You'll find the most powerful and effective options in this set, including the Assault Rifle (AK-47), LR-300 Assault Rifle, M249, HMLMG, M39 Rifle, and Semi-Auto Rifle. And best of all, you'll be able to customize each with a fly, holographic or 8x scope, providing yourself with a unique weapon for every situation.

But that's not all! Also included are the MP5A4, Thompson and Custom SMG, which can also be customized with a fly or holographic sight, giving you more flexibility with your weapon of choice.

Even the pistols have not been left out. The M92, Python Revolver, Semi-Automatic Pistol (P250) and Revolver can all be customized with the fly as well. And if you prefer the Prototype 17, you'll be happy to know that it also supports macros for using both the fly and holographic sights.

This weapon set gives you complete control and the ability to create your own unrivaled play style. Dive into the world of Rust with a full arsenal and get ready for incredible adventures!

1500 RUB
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Settings and overview of macros

Settings for proper operation of macros

Before using macros, it is necessary to set the correct game settings. Open the game console, copy the following three commands in sequence and paste them into the console:

input.sensitivity 0.8333
input.ads_sensitivity 0.8333
graphics.fov 90

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