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Policy of analytics data processing

Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan city
The seventh day of May, two thousand twenty-one. 

This policy is an integral appendix to the Individual Entrepreneur Privacy Policy Timur Ildusovich Galiakhmetov (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) and contains information on the procedure and conditions for processing analytics data received by the Operator through cookies, HTTP headers, web beacons and counters.

1.1. Cookies, HTTP headers, data collected by web beacons and counters transmitted from the Operator to the User's device and from the User to the Operator may be used by the Operator to achieve the purposes of personal data processing in accordance with the privacy policy and personal data processing.

1.2. The Operator uses different types of cookies on the Service, which serve different purposes and, depending on them, can be assigned to one of the following categories:

- "Mandatory", i.e. cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of critical components of the Service, identification of the technical characteristics of the User's device and the software used, as well as authorization and payment by the User;

- "Analytical", i.e. cookies that allow the Service to recognize Users, count their number and collect information about their transactions on the Service, including information about actions performed on the Service;

- "Technical", i.e., cookies that collect information about Users' interactions with the Service in order to identify errors and test new features to improve the performance of the Service;

- "Functional", i.e. cookies that allow the User to receive certain functions of the Service, interact with the Service interface and use its features, record information about the actions performed in the Service and customize the Service according to the User's needs in order to remember the information entered by the User, save the preferred language, location, etc.;

- "Third-party", i.e. cookies that collect information about the User, traffic sources, User's actions and advertisements displayed to the User, as well as advertisements on which the User has made to the Service, in order to display advertisements that may be of interest to the User, based on the analysis of the collected information. The said cookies are also used for statistical and research purposes.

1.3. The Operator does not explicitly ask for consent when using mandatory cookies. If the User does not want his/her personal data to be collected using mandatory cookies, he/she can disable their provision to the Operator in the software on his/her device. In this case, the User will no longer have access to the functionality of the Service related to mandatory cookies, which may lead to complete inoperability or incorrect operation of the Service.

1.4. The Operator may use functional and analytical cookies only with the User's consent, which is generally expressed by accepting the Agreement and starting to use the Service. Otherwise, the User has the right to refuse the use of such cookies by disabling them in the settings of the Service without harming its functionality.

1.5. The User agrees that his devices and software used to work with the Service, depending on their version and configuration, may or may not have the function of prohibiting operations with cookies for any and specific sites and applications, as well as the function of deleting previously received cookies.

1.6. The Operator has the right to set a requirement for the User's device to obligatorily allow the receipt and receipt of cookies due to security requirements.

1.7. The structure of the cookie file, its content and technical parameters are determined by the Operator and may be changed without prior notice to the User. The User has the right to obtain all necessary information about cookies by sending a request to the Operator in accordance with the procedure established by the privacy and personal data processing policy.

1.8. Counters placed by the Operator in the Service may be used by the Operator to analyze cookies and collect personal data on the use of the Service in order to improve the quality of the Service, the level of usability, and to improve the Service. Technical parameters of meter operation are determined by the Operator and may be changed without prior notice to the User.

1.9. The Operator may also use web beacons alone or together with cookies to collect information about the use of the Service. The User has the right to block web beacons when using the Service by prohibiting the uploading of images in the settings of their software.

Individual entrepreneur Galiakhmetov Timur Ildusovich, INN 165913802572
Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan city 

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